Sara Fakih - Co-Founder, Master Trainer, Presenter 

Yoga, Dance, Fitness Instructor & PT

I absolutely love MIU Fitness; it has become a huge passion of mine & is the one dance fitness workout that takes you to another level!

It really is for anyone & everyone & you get great benefits from it as a workout too! The isolations & the grounded base of dancehall dances works your legs & core and opens those hips like you wouldn't believe!
You learn basic choreography that allows a real beginner to pick up to a professional dancer being able to have fun with the 'choreo' and in turn both end up being able to just let go completely; therefore, also being amazing for the mind & the soul!

You feel a real sense of elation in this class & I have had many many students come to me and say they have never felt that way in a dance fitness class - this is the true magic of how an MIU class makes people feel!
I feel the same when teaching it! Even if I am shattered, an MIU class just isn't like any other class I teach; the energy you feel from the music to the steps used takes you away from any troubles or stresses you may have.

I have taught many other dance fitness workouts & I come from a professional dance and fitness background. Fitness has become a passion of mine & I unfortunately really injured myself one day & had to stop everything and go back to my 9-5 job!

MIU Fitness got me back into my teaching again & comparing to all the other concepts I used to teach, this is the one class that I feel I can really connect with my students & am able to really get them to completely let go!
The choreography from all the authentic dancehall steps helps this so much as it's not too fast or slow & you are able to really teach them how to dance with feeling because the music opens up your soul already!

My students tell me; they look forward to MIU & that after every class, they go home so happy and feeling energised. Their stresses of that day get completely forgotten & they go home with the biggest smile on their face!

This is something that makes me so excited & grateful to be an instructor; if you ask any dance/fitness instructor it is one of the main reasons why we teach; to change peoples lives, to encourage & to inspire & help people keep fit, stay focused & be happy!


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