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Become Mash It Up Instructor, no matter where in the world you are!

How does it work?


PURCHASE ONLINE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING at the Shop for £200 regular price.

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Receive Online Training Package. Send the Disclaimer back and start your training. Materials you will receive:

- Online Masterclass with creator

- Training Manual,

- Online Instructor Training Guide,

- choreography, steps tutorials needed for Assessment Report

- theory and practical video tutorials

Please note it's a zip file you need to download on your computer in order to download and access it.


Complete the training, send us Assessment Video and wait for result. 


You will receive full support from one of our amazing Master Trainers and if you have any questions at all please email us to

After training


You pass Assessment Video and receive Certificate. You can sign up to Instructors Network to receive access to:

- marketing materials 

- tutorial videos

- choreographies 

- discount for events and merchandise

(please read Terms & Conditions) 


You don't pass the Assessment Video - you can try again and you will receive full support from our Presenters and Master Trainers to make sure you do pass. You will need to do the work tho :)


Once you pass please go to Purchase Instructors License on our website. You can pay for 1 year £110 ( 2 months FREE ) or pay monthly £10.80. You can stop any time, please email us with 30 days notice.


Please note that we do not provide commercial music and we don’t send CDs or DVDs.You must choose to buy music from I-tunes or other legal sources.


Meet Denise

First instructor in Scotland via online training

The online training was great, so handy for me as I don't live anywhere near any of the training, this was why I chose the online training. I was able to do it from my living room.

So I got all the information emailed straight to my inbox, with all links to videos I needed to watch and learn how to set up a mash it up fitness class. The videos are fun to watch and simple to follow.

I chose mash it up fitness as it just looks amazing fun. I have been bellydancing for 11 years, teaching it for 5 and a half years. I teach yoga and piyo too and I just needed something new to get my spark going again in dance. And dancehall caught my eye, so I searched for instructor training, there is nothing like that anywhere close to me as I live up on the north east of Scotland.

So I took the plunge and booked the online training. And I love it 😍 and I'm so proud to be the first instructor in Scotland ❤️