Option 1:

MIU Dance Global Online Live Classes

We offer online classes so we can spread positive vibes anywhere you are! You can subscribe to the page to get access to our free classes, you can follow us on Facebook: Mash It Up Dance - we do tester live classes there from time to time.Follow us on Instagram as live happens there as well :) @miudanceofficial


Finally we have created special MIU Dance Global Online group on Facebook!

You can join the group and enjoy live classes with different instructors!

To join the group:

!. Go to Find Your Training/ Event and make a payment.

2. You will receive an email with link to request joining our private Facebook group.

3. Enjoy access to our live classes with other classes and supportive community!!❤️

Option 2:

Online Classes  Monthly Membership

Now you can enjoy our classes at anytime you want, anywhere you want!

We offer choice of different classes, thought live and recorded, so you can do it in your living room at your convenience. If you struggle to catch live class, or because of time difference it's not working out for you?

Well now we have a solution :) 

Pay monthly membership to get access to our previous live classes. You have few options to choose from, depending on number of classes and on how much you want to spend.