Melissa Revell - Instructor / UK 

Profession: Fitness Instructor

Mash It Up is the best class I have ever been to. I have been in the fitness industry for over a year and I teach several different classes but Mash It Up is something completely different. After one class I was hooked.
It is fun, relaxed and a great work out. It's about letting go and being yourself, no one is judging, Plus, the class has the best danchall tracks.

Dance Fitness is my passion. I naturally love to freestyle and I have never been the best in a dance class because I couldn't always follow the steps.Whereas with Mash It Up, anyone can pick it up and follow the steps, this is the thing I love about it most as it gives you the confidence to do the routine at the end which feels great.
I am so excited about teaching this class and sharing the love and passion of dancehall, and bringing everyone together.