Mai Kadi - Instructor

Profession: Research Scientist, epidemiologist, fitness instructor

The thing I love about MIU is that it is a unique fitness dance class, it’s not like anything you have tried before. Trust me.
Fitness for me is a passion, and the love for dancing runs in my veins!!
So if you like to sweat to the best Ragga dancehall tracks, MIU is the class for you!
First time I tried MIU, I was immediately hooked. I kept coming back for more and more, and each time was as amazing as the previous one.
It is not a fitness dance class that is so easy you will get bored after 15mins, nor is it so difficult that you quit after your first trial. It is just the perfect challenge.
It has no boundaries! You can be whoever you want to be, and express yourself in the way you desire. No judgment just pure fun and exhilaration.
What is amazing about MIU is the feeling of achievement when performing the final track, it is like “WOW, I have just killed this track like a pro dancer!!!”