Laura Vicente Castillo - Instructor, Presenter 

Miss Laura did her funky-hip hop qualification at the age of 18 at Apta Vital Sports, Castellon, Spain. It’s a qualification recognised by the Spanish Federation of Personal Trainers and Fitness and the European Health & Fitness Association. Since then, she has being teaching dance in  different schools around Castellón (Spain) during almost two years with a company called Pekesport.

Once she moved to London she did her Exercise to Music qualification at UK Premier Global training, so she is also a  fitness instructor, working for gyms like Gymbox and Better gym as a Dancehall fitness and Comercial Instructor. She did her Mash it up fitness Level 1 instructor in 2016 which its founders are Alicja Blachut and Sara Fakih . She teaches Funky/Hip-Hop in a School called Ravenstone in Balham and she is working as a dance teacher assistant with a company called Whizzdance (Streatham). Laura has being assisting regularly to different classes and workshops to keep with her training and always keep learning. Her passion in life is dancing and good exercise in general.

" I started dancing at the age of three, my first style was Flamenco (Spanish dance), I danced it for eleven years, participating in different shows and contest around the Valencian Community. At the age of fourteen I started dancing in a studio called "Elisabeth la Puente", where I did a four year qualification of Funky and ballet. Then I realised what I actually was into was the hip-hop music, so I started attending meetings with other people that meet at the streets to practice and learn the juice of everyone's different style. From there I participated in different contest with two different hip-hop groups in Valencia, my home city.

Once I moved to London I discovered what they called Dancehall. I used to listen to that music with out knowing what that actually was, that's when I decided to try a dancehall lesson class. So I discovered Alicja's class "Mash it up Fitness" at Pineapple. I absolutely fell in love with the vibes, the music, the amusement movements and the passion and love that Alicia spread the entire hour. From that moment, two years ago now, I declared myself addicted to Mash it up. I have learnt so much and always aim to keep learning about this entire culture. The feeling I have when teaching Mash it Up it's absolutely indescribable, but you will probably have an idea by my facial expressions."