Emma Whyte - Presenter, UK 

Emma trained and graduated as an actress in 2015. During her third year at Guildhall School Of Music an Drama, she started Mash It Up Fitness with Alicja Blachut and has never looked back. 7 months later, she became a MIU Fitness Instructor and is currently looking to start a class in January 2016 as well as developing a workshop using Dancehall to free the actor.

"I believe MashItUp and dancehall is important because it doesn't apologise for itself. And because of that it encourages us to do the same; To leave our ambitions at the door. It's playful, it's sexy, it's strong, but ultimately the goal is for everyone to HAVE FUN. It's not about getting it right or doing it like the person next to you, it's about using dance as a tool to express yourself, to free yourself and communicate with others."