Em Liu - Presenter 

Profession: Business Development & Marketing Professional and MIU Instructor

I started dancing in the form of musical theatre at the age of 7. From then, I developed a love for hip hop and freestyling in my teens. However, passing my degree and my career became a main focus which meant that dance took a step back and I could only fulfil my passion by attending dance incorporated fitness classes.

I first discovered Mash It Up Fitness on Facebook. I loved the idea of being able to burn calories through dancehall steps. I also love how Alicja's class encourages a huge smile on every participant's face from start to finish.

Teaching MIU gives me the opportunity to help others let it all go, forget about their troubles and have fun for at least that one hour of class as well as allowing me to escape the corporate life and fulfil my passion for dance.

One love ❤💛