Alicja Blachut - Founder, Master Trainer, Presenter 

Mash It Up Fitness was created to make you feel free, to leave your problems behind and to enjoy the music.

I played basketball for 10 years and I started with fitness while I was studying Sports Science.
I fell in love with fitness so much I decided to focus only on fitness and dance.

I found dancehall in this time when I did a Ragga Jam workshop with Laure Courtellemont - my mentor - (there was not many dancehall classes available at that time in Poland).

As a fitness professional I’ve always wanted to bring dancehall to fitness clubs and that’s how Mash It Up was born.
Being away from family in London I started my own ragga dancehall class for my own wellbeing. I then met some amazing people who helped me so much through the love of dancehall.

Mash It Up was created when I found that people have such a passion for it and wanted to learn how to teach it. A lot of thought went into this and it took myself and my close friends (& MIU Instructors) a good few months to create a structure of the class, working how trainings would work etc.I wanted to make it different from anything else and really focused on embracing Jamaican culture. I’ve learnt from many Jamaican dancers and always knew I will keep it real and respect it.

Mash It Up Fitness is a dancehall fitness class based on authentic Jamaican dances, created to share the love of dancehall as well as educate people about the dancehall culture.

We want people to feel united in an amazing experience. Our main objectives are to get people dancing together in a party atmosphere; feeling free where there are no judgements, reminding them to not stress about remembering the choreography; that it doesn’t matter how good you are, what you look like, where you are from or what you do for a living!

Mash It Up Fitness class is for everyone to ENJOY the music, Feed Your Soul With Positive Vibes!

The feeling I get when I see people relaxing more and more each week in my class is absolutely priceless!
Watch this space for more information about upcoming events and trainings!

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