Dancehall / Afrobeats Dance Class

Our mission is make you feel comfortable in your own skin and dance with your soul.

Beginners dancehall/ afrobeats class using the best music and easy to follow routines, so you can come and not worry that you won't fall behind. Each step is breakdown and put together into choreography.

We will make you feel good, we will make you smile, forget about your day good or bad, we will make you VIBING!

Why MIU is so special?

It’s not just a dance class. It’s where you can let go, shine and have fun. After every class you will walk away feeling these 3 things:

  • Confident: You will present your best self to the world when you’re dancing along to the pumping dancehall rhythms.

  • United: You will instantly feel closer to your Mash It Up family and with yourself because of how much fun you will be having.

  • Strong: These classes will get you that toned body you have always dreamed of and keep it that way.


Join us at one of our MIU Classes to explore everything your body needs to feel revitalised and pumped up in a way you have never felt before.


Do you want to express yourself through dance and feel great while doing it? Us too. We believe your body, mind and spirit are connected and with that level of connectivity comes a heightened sense of happiness. You can get all of this through Mash It Up!

  • Weight Loss will be achieved as a result of the heart getting a good workout (cardio workout) due to the constant movement. 

  • The strength and endurance of certain muscles will be tested in the isolation track as well as the whole class depending on certain moves of the choreography. 

  • Increase in your memory retention is achieved due to the cognitive part of the brain being exercised when learning routines. 

  • Increase in mood and self-confidence – prevention and decrease of depression. (It has been scientifically proven that dancing will increase mood and prevent depression.) 

  • Enjoyment and friendship building, you will look forward to exercise and meet new friends and build new friendships in the dance fitness world. 

  • Feeling part of a family or community is very important in the world we live in.