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Mash It Up Fitness is a new dancehall class concept
- feel the vibe & let it go!

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Alicja is the best teacher I have ever had, her energy and passion for dancehall is infectious MIU classes are the funnest so much so that it has influenced me to become an instructor, Alicja is my inspiration.


I absolutely love Mash It Up classes and would recommend them to everybody. Alicja is an amazing teacher with an infectious passion for dancehall which has influenced me to become an instructor myself! The classes have the ability to make you forget all of your daily stresses by "feeling the vibe and letting go". If you are looking to keep fit, have fun and let go of all your troubles, these are the classes for you!

Emily Amelia

Alicja is AWESOME. MIU classes are simply the best!! All about feeling connecting with the music and letting go.


Great classes, full of energy and entertainment and most of all fun.